Mrs Darley's Pagan Elements

A celebration of Air, Fire, Water, Earth & Divine Spirit


If you have ever ventured into a raging sea, warmed your hands by a mid winter fire, planted seedlings in the rich dark earth or balanced on the edge of the wind, then you will understand the magical power of the elements that bless the natural world. Mrs Darley's Pagan Elements, the third in the Mrs Darley series of books, explores the five sacred elements &, as always, has as its core the inimitable Mrs Darley.

To have an understanding of the four classical elements of air, fire, water & earth is to have an appreciation of what is essential in order to survive on our beautiful planet. To have an understanding of the mysterious fifth element of ether or Divine Spirit is to have an appreciation of the sanctity of life.

This book is a celebration through poetry & prose of these sacred elements & the way in which they shape our lives. Throughout the book the wise Mrs Darley & a selection of her intruiing friends share their knowledge & often unworldly experiences with the author as she continues to journey along her own spiritual path.

A revised and expanded paperback edition of this book is due for publication in 2020

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5 Star Review Amazon

'In the majority of books on magic or paganism, the elements are mentioned, but not discussed in any detail. Mrs Darley's Pagan Elements explores air, fire, water, earth and spirit and has made me realise just how important they are, not only in a magical sense, but also to our physical survival.
Mrs Darley, the title character, is just wonderful. I don't know if she really was the author's next door neighbour or whether she's fictional, but to be honest I don't care! She's almost addictive and I found myself turning the pages to find the next story. Roll on the next book.
' (By Cassia 16-12-2010)

'I was looking for something that would review the pagan elements and much to my surprise this is the perfect book for me. I'm not much for the chatty style of the Mrs. Darley characters, but when this ruse is dropped the real stuff starts. The elements are given their usual pagan associations, of course. The best part is the unexpected more scientific coverage. It's not technical but it is specific. For air our atmosphere is broken into it constituent part citing chemistry breakdowns, the various levels of the atmosphere including temperature ranges and altitude, even wind and weather are presented. Mine is a nature religion and it is suddenly a no-brainer that no one else has covered it this way. I am totally excited by the new door this book has opened for me. Small press offering can be risky but this book is really worth the price even with its foibles.'(By Susan Jane 29 Dec. 2103)

'Good book, Full of information and i just wish i had, had the writers neighbour. What a great neighbour she would be' (By Timandra on 24 Oct 2014)

'Great little book' (By Carol Bates on 8th July 2105)

Review from the Druid Network

'If you are looking for a book that is insightful, funny, interesting and a pleasure to read all bound up under one glorious title then I suggest this book.
Mrs Darley’s Pagan Elements: A Celebration of Air, Fire, Water, Earth and Divine Spirit is the third in the ‘Mrs Darley’ series and explores the Pagan practices of celebrating the elements.
The five chapters embrace the elements (including the lesser spoken fifth element of the Divine Spirit) and discusses them in detail. It makes the reader realise just how important they are; not only in a magickal sense but also to our physical survival.
Too often do we take for granted what surrounds us but without any one of them we could not survive. This book helps us to understand them and gain a better appreciation as to how these elements shape our lives.
Whether Mrs Darley, the inimitable central character, is actually real or not is of no consequence as the author, Carole Carlton does a wonderful job of bringing the lady to life through stories, superstitions and poems dotted over the pages.
Each of the‘Mrs Darley Tales’ made me smile, think or contemplate and all with the feeling of listening to your neighbour rather than reading a book. It isn’t condescending or patronising – it is simple and easy to read and would be a welcome addition to the shelf from someone who is just starting out on their journey to one whose path is well trodden.
I haven’t read Moon Mysteries or Pagan Whispers – the first two in the series. And it isn’t necessary that you do to read this book. However, after reading it I think I may be purchasing another two books fairly soon.'

(By Vikkie Gill 3-8-2011) 

Review from 'Goodreads'

'The third in the Mrs Darley series looks at the 4 elements of air, fire, water and earth, plus a short chapter on spirit. It made me stop and appreciate the planet and just how necessary the elements are to our survival and also their effect on the psyche, which I hadn't really considered before.
Mrs Darley is superb as always and there are some fabulous stories in this one that really make you think. Loved Time & Tide and Flora. '
(By Caroline Wilson 2011)

January 2019

With the festive season past, our thoughts turn to the new year, healthy pursuits and the awakening of nature from her winter slumber. This is what the custom of January Wassailing is all about. The word means 'good health' or 'be whole' and this is what we wish for ourselves and each other. In addition this is the time when we sally forth into our orchards to awaken the apple trees, to chase away the dark spirits of winter and to bless them as the year opens up. If you don't have access to an orchard, place an apple somewhere you can dance around it, make lots of noise, have a drink of apple juice or cider and enjoy.
On the 4th in the heavens, the Quadrantids meteor shower becomes visible, whilst on the 6th we welcome in the new Wolf Moon along with a partial solar eclipse. This Moon waxes full on the 21st where we will also be able to witness from the UK a total lunar eclipse between 2.37GMT and 7.48GMT. Worth setting your alarm around 5am to see it in its totality. It is also a supermoon, so definitely a sight not to be missed.
Planets visible this month include Mars in the evening sky and Venus, Jupiter and Saturn in the morning sky from mid month.
May the increasing light bring you many blessings and Wassail.