The crafting of magick is often a mysterious and bewildering process, particularly for the lone practitioner who has little access to formal training. ‘Mrs Darley’s Practical Pagan Magick’, investigates the reasons behind, and the practicalities of, circle casting, the use of ritual tools, the calling of the Gods, the making of talismans and the chanting of charms.

Throughout this, the sixth book in the series, Mrs Darley continues to draw the author deeper into her magickal world as she shares her version of old cottage magick. There are however certain aspects of Mrs Darley’s life which have long remained hidden and which, throughout the book, she is called upon to confront. In so doing, she is tempted to use magickal techniques which unsettle the author, proving that we all have a shadow side – even Mrs Darley.
The book launch of
'Mrs Darley's Practical Pagan Magick'
at the beautiful
Goddess House, Glastonbury
hosted by the lovely Bee Helygen (left)

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'This is the latest offering in the Mrs Darley seies by Carole Carlton. This sixth outing is a lovely gentle introduction and instruction on what she calls 'cottage magic'. It provides insight and explanation of various aspects of the craft, such as definitions of magical principles, different types of magic, the use of tools and an exploration of magical ethics.
Written in an autobiographical style, the book covers the perspectives of master and novice in depth. Each chapter explains a magical theme in a story format and is inetrwoven with real life examples of how such magic would have been traditionally used in the wider community, such as making the crops grow or finding a new house.
The relationship between the two characters develops significantly, with a shadow side of Mrs Darley being shown. I shall say no more, except that the book ends with the two main protagonists more equal than previously. This is a very accessible, easy read and is excellent for someone just starting out on the path, or for anyone who is interested in knowing more about it. It is also useful for more experienced practitioners as a handy summary guide.
The Mrs Darley stories are a gentle and highly enjoyable read not just for their clear definitions but also the quality of the storytelling. Please Carole, let us hear more from the inimitable Mrs Darley soon!'

Pagan Dawn Magazine Lammas 2016

'I have never read a Mrs Darley book before although I have heard good reports from people who have. So I had high expectations for this book before I even started. It is a hard book to classify, partly a story and partly a practical reference and although that sounds like an unlikely mixture I am glad to report that it works really well. The country cottage environment gives the book a suitably old witchy feel, and the information it gives is excellent too. Each chapter reveals more of Mrs Darley's beliefs and practices and every one includes factual sections that blend seamlesly into the storyline. Many Pagan text books are heavy reading, this one is a joy to read, drawing you into the story and teaching you a host of facts about the practical use of magick. I will definitely read the next one in the series which is about the highest recommendation anyone could give a series. This is a great book. It is entertaining and will also teach you about practical magick. If you find traditional pagan or magickal factual books too much, just want to read a good entertaining pagan story, or even both, then this is the book for you.'
Children of Artemis Magazine book review . Issue 26 June 2016

'Yesterday I finished the book and I was in tears. It's like meeting up with a friend and finding out what has been going on. I wanted to make that phone call so they could be together. The poems are wonderful. The way you talk about each subject and how you bring in the wonderful stories with Mrs Darley is magickal. I definitely didn't want to put the book down. I have learned so much again with one of your books, and one being that witchcraft can be different for everyone. I have always had this thought that I didn't want to have to follow the craft word by word but by thoughts that came in to my head. I have always had so many questions that I needed answering such as why is there so much different advise about the same thing. It can really get quite confusing. I feel now that as long as I have grounded and protected my self and with positive intention I can go my own eclectic path with more peaceful mind. I so wish we could spend an afternoon chatting and having the experiences you had. Thank you so much and so looking forward to the next book.'
Mel S. 25 May 12:00

'Oh Mrs Darley, you keep getting better and better. Practical Pagan Magick is my far!!
Some thought provoking poetry to, "The Labyrinth" is a particular favourite.
I have enjoyed all of  the Mrs Darley series and keep dipping back in to  them. Carole Carlton, more Mrs Darley please!'

Annette T. 15-6-16

'Wow, thank you....thank you....thank you for writing Practical Pagan Magic. I have just finished it and adored it. I loved the part about the Goddesses and about supression and Mary Madalene, it makes so much sense......Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and your knowledge.'
Nicky 11-7-16

'This is just a quick email to let you know that my friend read your book in 2 days and loved it. She is starting to read it again at a slower pace this time. She felt it was easy to read and explained clearly how the Pagan beliefs are put into practice enabling her to absorb it more. She loved reading about the casting of the circle etc - just shows how much she would enjoy your workshops! I am trying to leave mine to read on my holidays later in the month - if I can wait that long.'
Mavis.H. 5-5-16

'I’ve really enjoyed your book. Interesting about the magic of circles, my own interest being the Bronze Age stone circles. Maybe the Bronze Age village shamans were doing there own magic in them!'
Marion B.13-5-16

'Thank you for sending book so promptly. I love the arts and crafts fonts, they give a magical feel to the book. This is the best one yet - I really hope that you have started your next book.'
Linda O.18-5-16


January 2019

With the festive season past, our thoughts turn to the new year, healthy pursuits and the awakening of nature from her winter slumber. This is what the custom of January Wassailing is all about. The word means 'good health' or 'be whole' and this is what we wish for ourselves and each other. In addition this is the time when we sally forth into our orchards to awaken the apple trees, to chase away the dark spirits of winter and to bless them as the year opens up. If you don't have access to an orchard, place an apple somewhere you can dance around it, make lots of noise, have a drink of apple juice or cider and enjoy.
On the 4th in the heavens, the Quadrantids meteor shower becomes visible, whilst on the 6th we welcome in the new Wolf Moon along with a partial solar eclipse. This Moon waxes full on the 21st where we will also be able to witness from the UK a total lunar eclipse between 2.37GMT and 7.48GMT. Worth setting your alarm around 5am to see it in its totality. It is also a supermoon, so definitely a sight not to be missed.
Planets visible this month include Mars in the evening sky and Venus, Jupiter and Saturn in the morning sky from mid month.
May the increasing light bring you many blessings and Wassail.