Sticks and Staffs

Sticks and staffs can be used for a variety of practical and magickal purposes.
Here at Arcanus, William Wilson creates beautiful pieces made from a combination of hazel wood and antler
Sticks can be made to your individual requirements or bought from stock.

The majority of our sticks are hazel, and as a rule, are generally not over straightened.

We use deer antler and twisted hazel for the handle, a decorated collar, and antler ferrule - or a combination of the three.

We prefer our sticks to be left as 'long' as the hazel shank allows - if you would prefer a particular length, that is not a problem.

 All sticks are finished with several coats of yacht varnish.


The photograph above shows a pentacle embedded in the handle.
The photograph above illustrates the type of sticks we currently make:. From left to right:
Thumb Stick
Antler Crown
Antler Role
Twisted Hazel 1
Twisted Hazel 2

Please use the contact form if you wish to comission a particular type of stick, or alternatively call into 'Mrs Darley's Herbal' in Bewdley Museum in Worcestershire and take a look at our current stock.

Thank you for your interest in our sticks and staffs

JUNE 2017

The lovely month of June brings us the Summer Solstice on the 21st, where we experience the longest day and celebrate the Sun standing at the height of His power in the Northern Hemisphere. Light a fire or even a candle to mark this powerful occasion.
Just two days later on the 23rd is Mid-Summer's Eve, when the portals to Otherworlds lie open - time to leave out a little milk and cake for the fae before retiring.

The new Blessing, Mead or Honey Moon falls on the 24th, which is also Mid-Summer's Day and this new Lady will hopefully bring a gentler energy to our world.
May the Blessings of the Celtic Summer be yours.