Mrs Darley's Fragrant Herbal
A Planetary Journey into the Aromatic World of Herbs, Oils, Resins and Spices

For millennia, Nature’s aromatics have both enchanted and fascinated. Fragrant herbs,
perfumed oils, scented resins and exotic spices have been used to heal and harm, to preserve
and destroy and to worship and curse as the history of man has been written.
‘Mrs Darley’s Fragrant Herbal’, explores the fact that each herb, oil, resin and spice has a
planet, or heavenly body as its ruler, which has a marked effect upon its nature and
appearance and also upon the physical,emotional and psychological disorders it is
capable of easing.
As always, Mrs Darley, the author’s delightful and ever-wise next door neighbour
when she lived on Bodmin Moor in Cornwall back in the 1990’s, threads her way throughout
the book, teaching Carole about the healing properties of nature’s aromatics and their
importance in magick.
Carole was also to learn however, that even plants with darker energies and less fragrant
aromas can often prove to be invaluable.

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April  2018

April dawns as the Easter weekend is being celebrated and the full Seed Moon has just passed. The energies of this Moon however still remain strong and point to both change and new chapters over the coming two weeks.
Venus is visible as the evening star and the Virginids meteor shower comes into view on the 12th. These meteors may be few and far between, but they can be quite beautiful.
The 16th sees the birth of the new  Hare Moon, a Moon of fertility. The ancients believed that as the Earth warms, so too do animal and human passions.
The 23rd marks the beginning of the Lyrids meteor shower, which provides a show of approximately 10 per hour and is best viewed after midnight in the east.
On the 30th we have the full Hare Moon, which rises along with Jupiter and they remain companions until dawn.
May the blessings of Spring be yours.