Mrs Darley's Fragrant Herbal

A Planetary Journey into the Aromatic World of Herbs, Oils, Resins and Spices 
For millennia, Nature’s aromatics have both enchanted and fascinated. Fragrant herbs,
perfumed oils, scented resins and exotic spices have been used to heal and harm, to preserve
and destroy and to worship and curse as the history of man has been written.
‘Mrs Darley’s Fragrant Herbal’, explores the fact that each herb, oil, resin and spice has a
planet, or heavenly body as its ruler, which has a marked effect upon its nature and
appearance and also upon the physical,emotional and psychological disorders it is
capable of easing.
As always, Mrs Darley, the author’s delightful and ever-wise next door neighbour
when she lived on Bodmin Moor in Cornwall back in the 1990’s, threads her way throughout
the book, teaching Carole about the healing properties of nature’s aromatics and their
importance in magick.
Carole was also to learn however, that even plants with darker energies and less fragrant
aromas can often prove to be invaluable.

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Reviews for 'Mrs Darley's Fragrant Herbal

'Carole I am gutted!! I have read your book I got at Witchfest. I didn't want it to end,I am addicted and therefore must read the others. They are the most interesting and fascinating books I've been captivated by for a long time. Please keep up your excellent work. With great respect, Annie xx' (Annie Guest via Facebook 5-6-18)

'Have just finished reading Mrs Darley's Fragrant Herbal, completely absorbing, found it hard to put down (but needed to sleep). This is another trip into Mrs Darley's magical work. An excellent book.' (Judy 25-5-18)

'The book is brilliant! Have nearly read it all! Congratulations Carole. With love and gratitude. xxxxx' (L W 11-5-18)

January 2019

With the festive season past, our thoughts turn to the new year, healthy pursuits and the awakening of nature from her winter slumber. This is what the custom of January Wassailing is all about. The word means 'good health' or 'be whole' and this is what we wish for ourselves and each other. In addition this is the time when we sally forth into our orchards to awaken the apple trees, to chase away the dark spirits of winter and to bless them as the year opens up. If you don't have access to an orchard, place an apple somewhere you can dance around it, make lots of noise, have a drink of apple juice or cider and enjoy.
On the 4th in the heavens, the Quadrantids meteor shower becomes visible, whilst on the 6th we welcome in the new Wolf Moon along with a partial solar eclipse. This Moon waxes full on the 21st where we will also be able to witness from the UK a total lunar eclipse between 2.37GMT and 7.48GMT. Worth setting your alarm around 5am to see it in its totality. It is also a supermoon, so definitely a sight not to be missed.
Planets visible this month include Mars in the evening sky and Venus, Jupiter and Saturn in the morning sky from mid month.
May the increasing light bring you many blessings and Wassail.